Treat your skin problems with Marine Essence Beauty Bar and make $$$ while you are at it!


What is Marine Essence Beauty Bar?

Also known as 'The Underarm Soap' (Malay lit. Sabun Ketiak), this wonderful soap is guaranteed and PROVEN to brighten underarms or any hidden area on skin which darkens as the result of frictions, allergies, eczema etc.

Areas like underarms and crotch are prone to turn black and this can affect our confidence. Marine Essence is rich with antioxidant and pure oils to remove dead skin sand rejuvenate the skin cells for smoother and brighter skin.

Marine Essence is made of:

1. Bamboo Salt

- rich in minerals and antioxidants for skin

- anti-bacteria, anti-allergy and anti-rashes

2. Pheno-SFE TM (Pu-erh Tea Extract)

- known for its' antioxidant and recoveries property to counter harmful elements which causes aging.

- repairing and renewing skin cells so skin will stay young.

3. Liquorice Extract

- reduce changes in skin color and pigmentations by lightening the pigmentation areas

4. Tea Tree Oil

- known for its' anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties

5. Vitamin E

- anti-oxidant, anti-aging

- heals skin problems effectively

6. Glycerine

- avoid skin from drying by absorbing moisture from the air

- the best skin mosturizer

7. Aloe Vera

- repair and promote skin cell growth

With the combinations of all these elements, plus the sweet smell (you'd almost feel like eating it!), this soap bar is highly demanded. We have to always place our order a month earlier before we can get and distribute it to fulfill the demands.

The price is RM35 per soap or RM105 for a box of 3.
A soap could last for 2-3 months, and can even be divided into small pieces if you wish to use it on your face.


Apart from brightening skin, Marine Essence Beauty Bar is also proven to treat a number of skin problems including eczema, pigmentation, callus, allergies, acne, dandruff and scars.

Only RM35 to see your first result. Totally worth it!

Contact me to try the soap for yourself or to earn $$$$ (yes, PURPOSELY put 4 dollar signs because of the high demand)

Hajar Azraai
SMS/Call/WA: 016-3310 484