I am a SOHOnita!

Believe it or not, I was once a very narrow-minded person and always held negative perceptions on life. Mood swings is a daily affair. I say and do as I please, my FB & Twitter status were always emitting negative vibes. All I did was complaining and venting out my anger to people around me. That explains why more and more people left me and I had just a handful of friends.


I'm truly blessed, because my employer is one of the biggest organizations in Malaysia which provides training and motivational courses for employees from time to time. One of the best and recent training that I attended was Horenso: Mastering Communication Skills.

But after I found out about the TLC (Top Leaders Circle), my life changed, totally. Somehow I regain my strength and starting to put my future planning in place. I am thankful to God for this opportunity and words just won't suffice for me to thanks my friend Ziana and our leader, Kak Salha for introducing me to this business. You see, this business is not just about earning side income and be rich like hell. But it's also about empowering each and every member to increase our self-value and motivations to become positive people.

This is our brochure. Notice the word "SOHONITA"?
SOHO = Small Office Home Office
Nita = ladies
Meaning: we are a group of people who focuses to encourage people especially the ladies to generate side incomes via Online by using social medias such as blog, Facebook, Twitter, Keek, Instagram etc plus Whatsapp & e-mails. We are groomed to be tech-savvy and use ell these means to market our products and to motivate each other. Therefore, no on is alone in this business. We have each others and bond like sistas :)
With my business partner & ex-schoolmate (SMSU 2002) Ziana Azizan. She was the one who opened
my eye and make me realize that fixed jobs won't guarantee sufficient savings for us and our kids. Merely enough
for paying bills is not enough to live debt free.
Random thoughts by Rhonda Byrne (Author of The Secret):
A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

From The Secret Daily Teachings
Know yourself! Watch how you manifest the small things in life and think about how you felt inside with those things. Think about how easily they came. You will find that you thought of a small thing once and never thought about it again, and then it manifested.
What really happened was you didn't think any thoughts or speak any words which contradicted what you wanted, so the law of attraction was able to do its work.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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May the financial and time freedom be with you.