How lack of sleep can harm mental health

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First, let's face the facts of how lack of sleep can harm mental health. (kurang tidur boleh menjejaskan kesihatan mental)

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (personaliti berganda) may be linked to a lack of sleep, according to a study.

Professor Russell Foster, of Oxford University, said circuits in the brain are shared by mechanisms that ­control sleep and mental health. This means that if your sleep is ­disrupted, your mental health could be too.

Studies of schizophrenia patients have found profound disruptions in their sleep patterns, with half also having irregular body clocks.

Prof Foster said: “The appalling sleep-wake [cycle] in schizophrenia is independent of medication and social constraints. There is something fundamentally wrong with the body clock of patients with schizophrenia.”

The research also identified a genetic mutation that triggers ­schizophrenia-like symptoms in mice, which also appears to disrupt their body clocks (menjejaskan ritma tubuh). Prof Foster said: “We looked at a gene linked with schizophrenia.

"When mutated, it completely smashes the mouse sleep-wake cycle, just like the patients we observe with schizophrenia. Here we have direct evidence of a genuine mechanistic overlap between the neural circuits that give rise to normal mental health and that give rise to normal sleep.”

The findings offer the potential to identify sleep disruptions early and predict mental illness. Sleep disruption may even be causing the onset of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.Prof Foster said: “We’ve been looking at young people at high risk of bipolar (golongan muda yang tinggi risiko personaliti berganda). They are already showing an abnormal sleep-wake pattern (corak tidur yang tidak normal).

“Part of the reason patients with mental illness are so socially isolated is because they sleep during the day and are awake at night. If we can correct that, it may… have a genuine and lasting effect.”

Are you sure that you have  quality sleep every night? And what's making it worse, we are exposed to radiation everyday (almost 24/7 if you are working with computers/nearby satellite dishes or transmitter)

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