These cocktail rings are so cool!


Piaget Limelight 'True' Cocktail Rings

I am not a woman, nor do I wear rings, but I will be the first to admit these are very cool. They are so cool, I think most people will almost forget these are high-end luxury goods. From the Limelight collection by Piaget, these are a new line of cocktail rings that actually look like real cocktail drinks. And I've always wondered why they were called cocktail rings... These rings are very fun and well designed. Piaget did an excellent job replicating the look of popular cocktail drinks in jewelry.

There are six rings in this particular Limelight collection, each has a name of a drink. Seen here is the Piaget Limelight Cocktail Mojito ring. It is in 18k white gold with 182 diamonds (1.52 carats). The "drink" itself is a 24 carat cushion-cut green tourmaline, with a 3 carat citrine stone cut to look like a lime - covered with a white gold and tsavorite "peel.' The "mint leaves" are emeralds. Stunning and so creative!

Other rings in the collection are equally nice and use stones and gold applicable to the look of the drink. In addition the Limelight Cocktail Mojito, there is also the Whiskey on the Rocks, Cosmopolitan, White Tonic, Blue Ocean, and Blueberry Daiquiri. Truly charming - and will not be cheap.

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