Interested to start a biz but scared of being coerced into a nightmare?

As far as my experience in a franchised business goes, I can give you this.                                                                                                         
1: Never venture into biz that you know nothing about. it's best to attend talks and then make your decisions.
2: Everybody deserve to choose in venturing into anything that they believe they can do. never force them. guide them instead. or better yet, prove your success to them.

3: never ever in a million years tee down people's biz. ever heard of karma?

4: add value to other people first. Then you'll see how your value adds up.

5: always be positive and plan your strategies around any challenge so that you're ready should there be any obstacles. we don't scuba dive without an oxygen tank, do we?
6: patience is virtue. also, Doa, Usaha, Ilmu & Tawakal. always accept any challenge or skeptics calmly. you'll never know if one day they'd turn into your biz partner.

All I can say is, alhamdulillah for TLC, my mentors Kak Salha Zain, Abg Al Faath, Kak Ana, Abg Lan, the whole Top Leaders Circle family & Hai-O for the best mentoring system & high quality products. I will be here as long as I live because my dream is to help people achieving health & beauty goal that they always wanted, insya Allah.

To those who has been very supportive & Bio-Beauty Lane's loyal customers, a million thank you.

Keep Fit & Sweet!